Good-for-your-Body Home Goods

Good-for-your-Body Home Goods
January 4, 2012 TNH Editorial Team

After hours of prep, standing at the stove and clean-up, your cook needs more than a kiss! Hours on wood, or linoleum floors and worse concrete or tile can irritate any back and all 10 toes.  Now there’s an eco-friendly and non-toxic product to cushion these little piggie-wiggies  and make the  cook say “ah”.

Scientifically tested to reduce fatigue and joint pain and enhance circulation the boomer cooks need this kitchen accessory like no other as our knees and backs stand up to hours of kitchen work.  Interiors can be made of soft gel or closed cell foam finished with designs that are slick and modern or textured to a sophisticated touch.   Put a gel mat underfoot that has style and pizzazz.

Get it in Valentine’s Day red crocodile or an exciting rattle snakeskin; make your choice a demure and homey basket weave or a full puzzle-piece to fit all areas of your kitchen.

An antimicrobial additive can eliminate mold and mildew in the mat perfect in the wet environment of prep work, cooking and clean up.

Prices range from $49 to upwards of $600. Imprintmats and Gelpro are two well-known manufacturers

Anyone stepping on these mats to cook will say “well worth it!”.


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