Home Décor you can’t keep your Hands off

Home Décor you can’t keep your Hands off
June 28, 2012 TNH Editorial Team

Banana leaf planters…. what fun! Once you touch them you want to crunch them.  Landscape designer / horticulturist Phillip Watson calls them “popcorn planters” – an apt description!...a yummy bit of crunch…. Have them on the porch or outside, though exposed to rain they probably won’t last forever.  But then, that’s your opportunity to find new ones to decorate your outside spaces with.

There are so many fun planters available today – some have reeds and bark others have willow twigs. Some have more stylized patterns to match popular outdoor wicker furniture others are more freeform (see photo below). 

Look for those that provide a metal or plastic liner container.  Tip Check if the planting container has a drainage hole.  Drill one if there is none. Plants do not like “wet feet”!

Porch trick: In porch locations it is best to install a saucer underneath the planting container or liner to catch excess water so the water does not drain out, spill and stain your porch floor or rug.

Have fun finding your outdoor containers! An inexpensive way to create dramatic outdoor environments.


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