More Storage & Enjoyment from DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tricks

More Storage & Enjoyment from DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tricks
January 5, 2012 TNH Editorial Team

Are you thinking your kitchen is too small? Are you finding your kitchen does not have enough storage space? Revamping your kitchen into a super-organized space starts with… the right ensemble of drawer organizers – the quintessential organizational step that leads to more fun around cooking.

Drawer organizers are one of the best thing in today’s new kitchen cabinets. When you can store, see and reach pots & pans, provisions and tools easily the process of preparing food is just so much more fun.  The good news is one can retrofit just about any drawer and cabinet.  Here are the organizers any kitchen should and can easily have:

(1) Silverware and kitchen tools: High-end organizers are lined with velvet – use them for your silver perhaps in a butler’s pantry drawer. Even plain wood organizers are fine. Be sure they fit snuggly into each drawer

(2) Cookie sheet organizers – standing them up vertically neatly saves space and takes the hassle out of storing cookie sheets

(3) Spice trays – another must have. Cheap plastic ones – the likes of which are selling as infomercials, for example-simply do NOT work. Install a so-called spice “tray” in one of your drawers and enjoy reaching for and cooking with all of your spices.

(4) Pull-out drawers for all of your cabinets. Base cabinets are 24” deep, which means things – less used items – have a way of piling up in the back.  After a while you don’t even know what’s there any longer. Pull-out drawers solve all of this: use all the deep storage space you’ve got and have easy access by pulling out the shelves.  What a concept!

Excited about fitting out your existing cabinets? Where you do find these drawer “goodies”? Check out or  The Container Store.

One more tip: Do not buy cheep plastic  and/or wire mesh drawers and gliders!  When it comes to parts you touch cheap is cheap every time. It never feels good, is difficult to clean and is likely to fall apart in a short time.  Instead, when it comes to movable parts buy what quality cabinet companies sell and you will not have regrets. This is one reason why a company like the Cabinetmakerschoice is a good way to go.  Call them up to get advice on the right fit out for your cabinets – they know their products!

If you are lucky enough to contemplate the purchase of new kitchen cabinets really check out available drawer organizers in the lines you are interested in.  Most homeowners wrestle with what kitchen cabinet styles to select. While door styles, quality of hardware and finishing details matter, the most overlooked element in cabinets are these organizational details!

ONCE YOU COOK IN YOUR NEW KITCHEN you will be glad you read this article and in fact paid attention to this important detail!


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