Which Roof Tile Costs more Money?

Which Roof Tile Costs more Money?
May 29, 2013 TNH Editorial Team

Luduwici tile is a type of clay tile – on the left is a brand new tile – on the right is an old tile. Which costs more?

Answer:  The old, partially broken tile costs 4 times more – if you can even find one whose size and shape matches.

Estate homes have wonderfully aged materials.  But sometimes repairs have to be made – and that’s when all the fun starts.  Matching old materials is an art form. Often, materials are not available; age and patina have to be recreated. How?  What is one to do? Here is my solution:

(1) Sandblast the new, and then

(2) Engage all the dogs in the neighborhood to tinkle on them

The sandblasting roughens up and models the surface.  Be careful not to break the tile!  And the urine ages material and lets moss grow quickly.

Oh, yes – the fine art of creating home improvement products….This is certainly not written in any home improvement book or product manual. You only learn things like this from years of doing home improvement projects…Post your solutions as comments!

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